Watch manufacturer Peers Hardy Group turns to Buffalo Technology’s TeraStation™ WSH5610 Windows Storage Server hardware RAID platform to centralize and simplify local and cloud storage backups with lightning fast performance. In the process it cuts costs and reduces both energy consumption, and maintenance requirements.


Peers Hardy’s expansion into the Far East resulted in a rethink about what shape its IT infrastructure should take. The company was familiar with the benefits of cloud-based computing and in conjunction with the implementation of Microsoft Azure Backup Server wanted a storage technology that would dovetail with this platform.

Mark Griffiths, IT Manager, Peers Hardy Group, explains: “Clearly we had a number of options from the storage perspective but ultimately we wanted to centralize storage into a single device. Specifically we wanted a main interface between local and cloud backups. This would give us the opportunity to downsize our existing Windows server environment at some locations to reduce costs, maintenance requirements and energy consumption. Some might say that this introduces a single point of failure, but I was confident that if we found the right storage platform this wouldn’t be a problem.

It would also reduce cost and complexity which are important considerations too.” In short, the company wanted centralized backup operations to make management and monitoring easier. Importantly it also wanted a platform to run a Windows operating system given that Windows Storage Server is its preferred ‘go-to’ storage management option for its multiple physical and virtual servers.


TeraStation WSH5610 Windows Storage Server 24TB

The TeraStation WSH5610 is configured by default with hardware RAID 6, though other RAID options are available, and also supports 3.5” SATA drives. The drives are hot-swappable and support automatic RAID rebuild while optional AES 128-bit encryption is also supported.

From my perspective it [Buffalo TeraStation WSH5610] was shockingly quick. I was surprised, just pressed the button and it was working. I can back up as many times I need to throughout the day and overnight and performance is faultlessMark Griffiths, IT Manager, Peers Hardy Group


The Buffalo TeraStation WSH5610 Storage system now underpins the peers Hardy Group head and  branch office operations; It acts as a consolidation point, to collect all local backup platform. Because it utilizes windows storage server operating system, the Tera station integrates seamlessly with Active directory and the company’s network infrastructure.

CLIENT: Peers Hardy Group 

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Buffalo PRODUCTS: TeraStation WSH5610 Windows Storage Server 24TB

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